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Be safeguarded daily and maintain
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Daily safeguard and maintain [2005-4-16]
Be safeguarded daily and maintain daily care and maintenance machines quality to assuring, lengthening service life of equipment is crucial. (one) the illuminator of 1 of care and maintenance of smooth route system is used for a long time hind can be machined the soot pollution of a generation, reduce reflectivity, affect the output of laser, must keep clean, regular examination. Can use anhydrous alcohol or liquid of special lens cleanness, with pledget caution rub-up can. The attention avoids as far as possible surface of illuminator of cut of the content that use profit. The surface below the focusing lens inside 2 focusing lens also may be polluted by workpiece volatile. After its are polluted, also can affect the output of laser greatly likewise. Must notice smoke evacuation is mixed when treatment the protection that blow air, avoid focusing lens to be polluted as far as possible, if if caution of lower part law is clean,pollution can adopt badly: (1) debus is blown gas closes and press circle and protective sleeve, get off carefully focusing lens (2) with the floating dust that blows a balloon to blow lenticular surface; (3) clip pledget ball carefully to dip in with forceps take anhydrous alcohol or special lens cleaner to be wiped gently, should from inside outside arriving, wipe gently toward a direction (following graphs) , every are brushed, need to change pledget ball, till contamination till take out hind. Attention: Do not allow to be brushed back and forth, more cannot by cut of benefit other people, because lenticular surface plating has,add show film, velar layer is injured will great influence laser is energy out-put (2) power source of the housing of equipment of 1 of care and maintenance of athletic orgnaization, laser, computer power source must good ground connection, should check ground connection screw to have regularly without rustily or loosen, seasonable cleanness originallies closely. If be polluted,2 sports section reachs slideway, linear slideway like car pulley or rustily, will immediate impact machines the effect, should fixed cleanness, be in in slideway on besmear lube, rust in case. Platform of 3 honeycomb shape is used long hind (especially cut) can stick on treatment flotsam can jam even honeycomb aperture, encounter laser illuminate may fume burns even, answer to keep clear of regularly. 4 attentions discharge blast tuyere and platoon wind conduit to cannot jam, be checked at any time and content of purify keep out in order to keep expedite. 5 cooling water should notice to keep clean and change regularly. Water level should be checked at any time when treatment enough, water is warm exorbitant. Return  

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