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CO2 carves what cut machine laser is in charge of to change
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Of canal of laser of machine of CO2 sculpture cut change [2005-1-19]
Of laser canal change Laser canal is used have certain life, when discovery is normal laser energy already cannot satisfy treatment to ask, below the condition that removes power of other influence laser to output an element, should change in time laser canal. Blame pass my company authorization or groom personnel must not have the following move, any losses that cause from this, my company will not assume responsibility. (One) disassemble laser canal: 1 open a machine rear laser provides upper cover. 2 debus laser provides shield. 3 with electric iron the laser below careful solder provides clue of two upright electrode. 4 debus laser is in charge of conduit of two upright refrigeration. Bolt of locking of upper part of pipe rack of 5 loose laser. Upside of pipe rack of 6 debus laser is divided, tear open next laser canals. (2) installation laser canal: The installation that laser is in charge of must special caution, once error, may cause needless loss, serious can cause person to harm even! ! 1 manage laser two end fine copper silk has tangled to use electric iron on electrode careful and superior soldering tin. 2 laser canal proper place pesters good protection adhesive plaster. 3 (notice laser provides way giving light, do not put instead! ) put laser valve carefully park laser pipe rack to go up proper place, rotate to proper point of view -- carry water mouth into water namely gadarene, on face of mouth of water of end giving water. (mouth of water of pass in and out sees structure of the 5th product pursues 2) pipe rack of 4 outfit good laser. (lest the top is broken,the attention must loosen bolt of locking of upper part of laser pipe rack laser is in charge of! ! ) 5 screw locking bolt is in charge of with securing laser appropriately. 6 caution are covered on laser is in charge of conduit of two upright refrigeration, lest damage laser is in charge of,the attention does not exert oneself to do sth. forcibly. 7 good with solder of electric iron caution laser provide two upright positive pole and cathode clue. Attention: Electrode solders must firm and requirement surface does not have burr glossily, may cause high-pressured this world to discharge to housing extremely otherwise, may injure control circuit or laser canal, affect overall and regular job, may cause serious harm to relevant personnel body even! 8 in fat of silicon of the insulation on besmear of high-pressured positive pole, had covered insulated sleeve of two upright electrode. Return  

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