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The judgement of breakdown and eliminate
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The judgement of breakdown with eliminate [2005-2-1]

Common breakdown is judged and eliminate
1. switchs on the mobile phone without any report
1. Input of 1 power source is normal: Examination power source is inputted and make its normal.
1. Whether do 2 total mains switch damage: Change total mains switch

2. is outputted without laser or laser is very weak
2. Whether does focus of 1 equipment focusing change: Readjust focal length.
2. Whether does 2 focusing lens pollute: Clean focusing lens.
2. 3 light road whether deflection: Adjust smooth road carefully.
2. Whether does 4 reflex lens pollute: Cleanness reflexes lens.
2. Whether do 5 cooling water circulate current: Dredge refrigeration canalage.

2. 6 cooling water quality or water are warm whether normal: Change clean cooling water makes its temperature comes to be worth normally.
2. 7 laser power source whether electrify: Loop of power supply of examination laser power source makes his normal.
2. Whether 8 laser canal damages or ageing: Change laser canal.
2. Whether does 9 laser power source damage: Change laser power source.
2.10 overall temperature whether too tall: Close machine let thermal drop come down; Ventilated strengthen a machine to come loose hot; Adjust environmental temperature.
3 cut / sculpture deepness is not ideal:
3. Setting of 1 laser power is normal: Install laser power correctly.
3. 2 cut / sculpture treatment parameter is normal: Set equal treatment parameter.
3. 3 laser output slacken: Refer to at 2 o'clock.

4 computers and equipment are not online:
4. 1 campaign system whether electrify: Check athletic system power supply and make its normal.
4. Whether does 2 scanning switch open: Open scanning switch.
4. Whether do 3 line loosen: Insert fine line outlet afresh and secure.

5. machines dimension to have error or misoperation
5. 1 line is normal: Change line.
5. 2 overall with computer ground connection normal: equipment and computer good ground connection.
5. Travel of 3 computation accident is normal: Change or handle good computer.
5. Breakdown of 4 computers operating system or feeling catch a disease are poisonous: Reinstall an operating system or reduce toxin.
5. 5 application software are normal: Reinstall software and the drive software that athletic control blocks.
5. 5 power supply source do not stabilize or have interference signal: Add outfit manostat or eliminate to disturb signal.
5. It is normal that 6 machine programs write: Examine written machine program, till make its normal,revise.

6. treatment effect is not ideal:
6. Whether does 1 slideway pollute: Clean slideway adds lubricating oil.
6. Whether do 2 cars slideway and pulley pollute: Clean slideway and pulley.
6. Whether does 3 drive leather belt loosen: Adjust leather belt degree of tightness.
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