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The sort of laser
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Of laser phyletic [2004-12-11]
The phyletic   of laser has different classified method to laser, what press working medium commonly is different will classify, it is OK to be in cent is solid laser, gas laser, liquid laser and semiconductor laser. Additional, differ to be able to be divided again according to what laser exports way develop laser for successive laser and arteries and veins, the peak value power of light of its midrib swash is very OK big, still can press the frequency of glow and classification of glow power volume.   tells laser of 1, solid commonly, solid laser has parts of an apparatus small, solid, use the characteristic with great power of convenient, output. The working medium of this kind of laser is even in the crystal that regards matrix as material or glass mix into enter a few activation ion, besides in front the introduction is mixed with ruby outside glass, return garnet of aluminium having yttrium commonly usedly (YAG) the laser that the mix into in crystal enters tervalent neodymium ion, it launchs the close infra-red laser of 1060nm. General permanent power can amount to solid laser 100W above, power of pulse peak value can amount to 109W.   gas laser has laser of 2, gas structure simple, cost is low; The operation is convenient; Working medium is even, quality of beam of light is good; And can long of steadily successive job a bit. This also is current breed a kind of laser with most, wide application, have the market to amount to left and right sides of 60 % . Among them, helium - neon laser is a the most commonly used kind. Laser of 3, semiconductor   semiconductor laser regards the job as medium with semiconductor material. At present more mature is arsenic changes gallium laser, the laser of emissive 840nm. The arsenic that has mix into aluminium additionally changes the laser such as zinc of chromic vulcanization of gallium, vulcanization. Incentive means has drive of optical pump riverside, report to wait. Bulk of this kind of laser small, quality long, structure is simple and light, life is strong, particularly comfortable Yu Zaifei is used on machine, car, spacecraft. In 70 time evening, because the development of fiber-optic communication and CD technology promoted the development of semiconductor laser greatly. 4, liquid laser

Commonly used is dye laser, use organic dye to work most medium. Most circumstance is an organic dye dissolve in solvent (alcohol, acetone, water) in use, also have what work with steam condition. Use different dye to be able to obtain different wavelengh laser (in visible light limits) . Dye laser uses laser to make pump riverside source commonly, the laser of ion having argon that exemple as usual uses. Principle of liquid laser job is more complex. Output wavelengh is successive and adjustable, and the advantage that enclothing bizygomatic breadth is it, make it also gets applied extensively.
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