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The characteristic of laser beam machining
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Laser beam machining characteristic [2004-10-8]

The characteristic of laser beam machining

The precious character that laser has decided laser is machining the advantage that the domain exists:
① because it is not to have osculatory treatment, and high-energy quantity surges the energy of beam of light and its shift rate all adjustable, because this can achieve the goal of a variety of treatment.
It can be opposite ② a variety of metals, metalloid treatment, can process the tall hardness, tall brittleness, data that reachs high melting point especially.
Do not have in process of ③ laser beam machining " cutting tool " wear away, without " cutting force " action at workpiece.
In process of ④ laser beam machining, stimulate density of energy of beam of light tall, treatment rate is rapid, and be local treatment, was not affected to be not laser illuminate place or affect minimum. Accordingly, area of its heat influence is small, workpiece heat is out of shape small, follow-up treatment amount is small.
⑤ it can have all sorts of treatment to the workpiece inside airtight container through transparent medium.
Because ⑥ stimulates beam of light to direct easily, collect implementation to make each direction alternate, cooperate extremely easily with numerical control system, undertake machining to intricate work, because this is a kind of very agile treatment method.
⑦ uses laser beam machining, manufacturing efficiency is tall, quality is reliable, economic benefits is good.
For example:
Company of current electric equipment of ① United States uses attrib wattle laser to machine the abnormity chamfer on aviation engine, be less than 4H can high quality is finished, and use electric spark treatment to need 9H above so. Only this one, the cost of every engine can save 50 thousand dollar.
Steel of ② laser cut work efficiency can raise 8-20 times, material can save 15-30% , reduced manufacturing cost substantially, and machine precision tall, product quality is stable and reliable.
Although laser beam machining has a lot of advantages, but insufficient place also is apparent, for example equipment of laser beam machining still is compared at present costly.


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