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The structure of laser
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Laser structure [2004-11-16]
The structural laser of laser includes 3 shares commonly. The generation of laser of   of medium of job of 1, laser must choose appropriate working medium, can be gas, liquid, solid or semiconductor. Particle number can come true to invert in this kind of medium, win the requirement of laser in order to make. The existence of energy level of apparent metastable state, special to realizing particle number to turn over reincarnation advantageous. Existing job medium is close 1000 kinds, the laser wavelengh that can arise includes from vacuum ultraviolet outside path Yuan Gong, very extensive.   of 2, incentive source appears to make working medium medium particle number inverts, must go with regular method incentive former subsystem, make be in on the particle number of energy level increases. The method that can use gas discharge commonly will use the electron that has kinetic energy to arouse medium atom, call electric drive; Illuminant of usable also pulse comes illuminate job medium, call smooth drive; Still hot drive, chemical drive waits. All sorts of incentive means call pump riverside or be smoked to carry by visualize ground. To get laser is outputted ceaselessly, must ceaselessly " pump riverside " be in in order to maintain on the particle number of energy level compares next energy level much. After   of 3, syntonic antrum had proper working material and incentive cause, can realize particle number to invert, but of such generation suffer stimulate radiation intensity very weak, cannot apply actually. Then people thought of consumed learns syntonic antrum to undertake enlarge. Antrum of alleged and optical resonance, actual be in laser two end, face-to-face mount the lens with two very tall reflectivity. Together almost total reflection, a few a smooth major reflex, transmission go out, go out in order to make laser can be shot through this mirror. Be reflexed to return the light of working medium, continue to cause suffer newly stimulate radiation, light is magnified. Accordingly, light makes a round trip in syntonic antrum oscillation, cause chain reaction, enlarge is obtained like the avalanche, produce intense laser, reflex specular one aspect of the matter to output from the part. It is with ruby laser below exemple come to those who show laser form. Working material is a ruby club. Ruby is mix into enters a few the 3 oxidation with 3 price ionic chromium 2 aluminous crystal. Actual it is mix into is the oxidation chromium of 0.05% than making an appointment with into quality. Because chromic ion absorbs green light of Bai Guangzhong and blue light, so gem is shown pink. It is 0.8cm of a diameter, long that the laser place that Mei Man invented 1960 produces used ruby the circle that makes an appointment with 8cm is marvellous. Two end panel are a pair of parallel and flat looking glass, the total reflection on plating of one aspect of the matter film, one aspect of the matter has the transmissivity of 10% , can let laser go out fully.
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