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What is laser makes mark technology
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What is laser make mark technology [2004-9-6]

In domain of laser beam machining, laser makes bid is one of technologies with the widest application, laser makes mark technology is the crystallization product of technology of contemporary high-tech laser and computer technology. Laser hits mark technology to also say laser mark, laser imprints mark, pressworking in recent years domain application is increasing, laser hits mark applicable at including plastic go up with a variety of material such as chip of balata, metal, silicon. The mechanical sculpture that laser calls mark and convention, chemistry is corroded, screen printing, printing ink is printed wait for means photograph to compare, have cost low, flexibility is tall, OK control of all of computer science department, and what laser action labels at what workpiece surface produces is firm permanent it is its highlight a characteristic. The work that laser makes sign system can be produced to large quantities of quantities executes a product individual identifying number, again with be piled up all right or mark of array of 2 dimension code is on the product, can help effectively execute production working procedure control, quality control and prevent sham product. Can reach a part to metalloid material undertakes engraving writing or make the permanent number preventing bogus that is modelled on hard to all sorts of metal stuff at the same time. Through the computer the input reachs output, use means of Zhen Jingsao draw, rate is rapid; Whole sealing guides optical system, strong to environmental adaptability; Combined-type interior structure, facilitating maintenance and maintain; Especially appropriate and online exercise. Applied scope is very wide, all sorts of hardware are goods, metalware, for instance accurate appliance, car a replacement, electron yuan belt of bag of warm equipment of parts of an apparatus, cutting tool, gift, horological, water, glasses wearing, box is buckled, the brand of the product such as clavier of slide fastener, button, shoe-buckle, computer, lot number, date, bar code.

Laser lays mark principle

The fundamental that laser makes bid is, generate the successive laser light beam of high-energy quantity by laser generator, when material of laser action Yu Chengyin, the atomic transition that is in ground state arrives higher energy condition; The atom that is in higher energy condition is not stable, can return ground state very quickly, when atom returns ground state, can release additional energy with the form of photon or quanta, it is heat energy by light energy changeover, make melt of exterior material instant, even aerification, form graph article number thereby.

Laser hits the main characteristic of mark:
1.Applied range is wide: Can make bid on all material almost.
2.The efficiency that make bid is tall: The laser light beam below computer control is OK high speed is mobile, normally the process that make bid can be being counted finish inside the second, can come true online make bid.
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