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Germany, the United States, the laser of the country such as Japan develops a te
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Germany, the United States, the laser development trend of the country such as Japan [2003-8-21]
Basis " laser a collection of selected specimens " covered 1997, world laser market can differentiate for 3 large area: The United States (include North America) occupy 55% , ou Zhou is occupied 22% , japan and Pacific Area are occupied 23% . The Japan on market of alive bound laser takes the first place in photoelectron technology respect, the United States occupies the 2nd; Detect in laser medical treatment and laser respect criterion United States takes the first place; And equipment respect is being machined in laser material is Germany takes the first place. Accordingly we choose the United States, Japan, Germany 3 countries, introduce their laser industry to develop a case, the fundamental condition that also reflected world laser market reachs his to develop a tendency.

One, American laser industry grows the current situation

Have not see laser of comprehensive introduction United States at present -- the integrated data of existing state of affairs of photoelectron estate development, show to be able to undertake summing up according to concerning document only.
Association of development of American photoelectron industry is right 1994 1993 world laser -- photoelectron market made count, total production value is 75 billion dollar; Association of development of American photoelectron industry puts monitor, light what lay aside, glossy news report and good copy say to be photoelectron technology industry, think this domain is Japan takes dominant place at present, in production value of 75 billion dollar Japan is occupied about 50% , because this United States thinks to should notice to develop photoelectron technology property currently, make the United States can own larger share in this domain. The development state of affairs of American laser beam machining and respect of laser medical treatment basically introduces below.
Basis 1996 " industrial laser is commented on " the magazine covers, the system of laser beam machining of worldwide 1995 sale restrains 1.1 billion dollar, the United States is occupied 31% , Ou Zhou 32% , Japan 35% , other 2% . In the United States more well-known laser company has: Craft of company of be concerned with, spectral physics company, combination (URTC) company of company, PRC company, combustion engineering company, Lumonics company, Synrad company, M Arted Lasers, Electrox company and ESI company. Company of be concerned with and spectral physics company are the United States' biggest two laser company, occupy the 40% above of total sales of American laser company. The equity of laser of high power CO2 of the industrial laser ministry of spectral physics company already was place of German Rofin-Sinar company to buy, basically produce laser of 1.5kW-6kW crosscurrent CO2. Associated technology company basically produces laser of CO2 of crosscurrent of 5kW-30kW high power, and mix Germany one company is joint-stock this kind of equipment is made in Germany; PRC company basically produces 0.5-3.5kW axis to shed CO2 laser quickly, now already accumulative total sold laser of CO2 of 1000 high power; The laser of CO2 of high power crosscurrent of 1kW of production of combustion engineering company, 5kW and 10kW (the patent of Israel MLI company) . Synrad company is sealed under main production 200W from model laser of CO2 of radio frequency drive.
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